Our Mission

To be Hawaiʻi's premier professional storyteller through digital media, providing creative services and original, high-quality content for clients and audiences around the world.

Our Vision

Our company, profitable and growing, where employees and youth engage in meaningful work, professional development, and personal fulfillment, while adding value to client businesses and the lives of audience members

Our Waiʻanae Coast community, healthy and thriving, where local residents have access to a world-class education and lucrative careers in digital media production, leveraging the artistic richness of Waiʻanae Coast culture to become successful participants in the global information economy

Our State of Hawaiʻi, where local digital media businesses play a significant role in a growing and diversified state economy, making Hawaiʻi a global leader in media production for the 21st century

Our Values

A company's culture evolves and grows with time. It starts with beliefs and values, and a strong sense of where we come from and where we should be going. From there, it develops and is strengthened by a sense of common purpose and responsibility, leading to the codes and practices that guide our every action.

At Mākaha Studios, our culture is fostered by the unique attributes that translate to who we are and the way we do business. Aloha, integrity, passion, innovation, and a commitment to ensuring customer success while improving our community. These are the elements of our business, our people, and our success.

From these elements come our values:

We lead the marketplace through vision, service, technical competence, and the highest production values.

We make a difference, not only in business, but also in our Waiʻanae Coast communities, Hawaiʻi, and our increasingly interconnected world.

We are truthful and candid.

We do what is right and ethical.

We treat each other, our clients, our partners and our audience with respect.

We bring passion to everything we do.

We strive to achieve the best and to make our work extraordinary.

We inspire each other, we have fun, and we celebrate achievements.

We are thoughtful leaders and creative storytellers. We advance the state of the art of Hawaiʻi's media industry by creating innovative media across multiple platforms and by fostering the next generation of professionals.

We use creativity to resolve problems faster and better.

We make diversity a competitive strength and demonstrate a superior ability to work together across multiple cultures and multiple generations.