Original Films

Mo‘olelo O Wai‘anae: Pūka‘ina I (Stories of Waiʻanae: Volume I)

We are in the pre-production phase for three short films, collectively called Mo‘olelo O Wai‘anae: Pūka‘ina I, that we will start filming Summer 2011. These are the first of a series of films that are part of the Wai‘anae Mo‘olelo project, a local multi-partnership that aims to inspire cultural and historical interest, community sustainability, and improved self-esteem among our youth. The short films will be in Hawaiian and English, while using modern means to retell these ancient stories for present and future generations.

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Hawai‘i's famous demigod and hero initiates a relentless, tempestuous battle with the Sun, who refuses to slow its flight across the sky...


The chief enters battle with Hiʻiaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele, fire goddess Pele's younger sister, to protect the Waiʻanae community from the evil nature of Pele's lover...


The shark-god must hide his true nature under his mother's wishes—until he meets a moʻo wahine (she-lizard), who tempts him to give in to his voracious appetites...